Where Is Kathryn Sinkevitch Now? Michael Agerter Murder Details Explained: This news is from the incident that happened in 2016, where a woman had been calling for dispatch services in Maricopa, Arizona. According to the testament of the lady, she had heard three loud booms when she was on a call and talking with her cousin as the line disconnected. The dispatch of officers was done immediately after receiving the request. They arrived at the scene of the crime and after their arrival, they found that Michael Aegerter was shot down from a very close-up angle while he was in his vehicle. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Kathryn Sinkevitch

Where Is Kathryn Sinkevitch Now?

There was a documentary as well that went by the title “The Murder Tapes: Three Loud Booms” that showcased the ins and outs of the investigation and how the culprit was finally caught and served justice. if the case has got your interest then fret not as we bring you the details that are related to that case.

Kathryn Sinkevitch

Michael was a resident of Maricopa, Arizona and according to the testimony of the people that were close to him, he was a really happy-go-lucky person and never anyone for help. He was very welcoming and was quite friendly with others as well as the people he used to work with.

Kathryn Sinkevitch

There was a time when he had to break up with his girlfriend, Kathryn Sinkevitch and there was a case that involved them fighting for the custody of their child. His personality had made him quite famous among the members of the community.

The police authorities rushed to the scene as soon as they received the call. They had found him dead inside his own car and it looked as if he was shot up very close. Even though he was alive at that moment and was shifted to the nearest hospital, the injuries he had incurred were very serious and ultimately led to his demise.

Michael Agerter Murder Details 

The investigation was really slow in the initial stages. However, they kept searching in the local areas and kept their tabs on any witnesses that might surface. They were also searching through the CCTV footage in hopes of catching the perpetrator escaping. They searched through the footage for hours and then finally found a woman approaching Michael’s car, taking out a gun and shooting thrice through the window of the car, and fleeing from the scene. At the same time, they discovered his breakup as well, which was another insight into the case.

However, there was no conclusive evidence that pointed directly to Kathryn and so they couldn’t take her into custody. When she was presented to the court, she pleaded her innocence. However, the jury was clear that she was the killer and had charged her with first-degree murder.


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