More than a year after the rape accused absconded, Nityananda founded the ‘Hindu Sovereign Nation’. He is the self-created Godman who now started issuing Visa to visitors for his Stateless Nation. The island nation also creates an e-mail ID for all the visitors through which all the people can apply for a visa to visit the state. The nation for which Nithyananda issuing Visa to the visitors named Kailasa. As per sources, he is the self-appointed “Prime Minister” of the nation where nobody can give him competition or challenge for his domination. The nation has come into existence since November when Nityananda gets away to India after failing to hear in more than 50 courts.


After the news comes in front of everyone, all the people and ministers are want to know the exact location of the place but it is still disclosed. Also, the location of the nation is supposed to be close to Australia. After that, the information is reported that Nithyananda started charter flight services from Australia to Kailasa in which all the visitors can go there and spend their time under the beauty of nature. The flight that he started is called ‘Garuda’. The information comes in front of the entire world and many people are want to know the exact matter of the statement of Nithyananda.

The official statement given by Nithyananda is Kailasa will accommodate anyone in the nation but “no more than three days”. The statement clearly confirms that nobody can stay more than 3 days at Kailasa. Also, Nithyananda promised that all the visitors can go to “Param Shiva” if they are interested during their stay. All the visitors who want to visit Kailasa can book their stay via the official website Kailasa is founded by a group of “people who have lost the right to authentically practice Hinduism in their country”.

This year in August, Nithyananda celebrates the launch of the Reserve Bank of Kailasa. In a statement, Nithyananda said that “On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi (August 22), with the grace of Ganapati, we are going to reveal the complete details of the Reserve Bank of Kailasa and the currency (of Kailasa). It is all ready. I am just waiting for the auspicious day”. So, if you want to visit the place then you just need to confirm your visit to Kailasa. So, if you want to know more updates about the current affairs then keep in touch with our website.


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