Where Is Joycelyn Savage Today? Meet Father Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage: In this article, we are going to be talking about the famous American singer that has been in the news and has been a hot topic lately. The singer that we are talking about is Joycelyn Savage. She has finally started to move on from the trials with R Kelly and has decided to shift all her attention to her music career. She has been among those people who have outright supported the disgraced R&B singer R Kelly. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Joycelyn Savage

Where Is Joycelyn Savage Today?

R Kelly and Joycelyn Savage had supposedly met in one of the concerts when Savage was around 19 years old. She was an emerging singer and looked up to the superstar R Kelly as an inspiration and someone who can help her career to move in the right direction. This also gave rise to them dating and then, later on, having a relationship.

Currently, Joycelyn had been focused on healing herself and on her career in music.

Azriel has been currently working on a youtube series that is based on the combination of her passion for music and her wish for charity, and the series is called “On the run with Azriel”. The song that was made by her called “Love on me Interlude” is also available to listen to on many online platforms.

Who Is Joycelyn Savage?

Azriel has made it clear that even though she has been promised by Kelly for her career progression, she will not just sit idle and wait for that to happen and will on her own as well to make a name and become a capable someone who deserves to be helped by a superstar.

After the singer Kelly was arrested for several s3xual offenses, Joycelyn became one of the people who became his defender and believed that the charges are false and he is innocent.

Joycelyn Savage Family

Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage are the parents that gave birth to Joycelyn. Her family has also met up with R-Kelly at a boutique in Atlanta. Later that day Kelly gave Joycelyn his number as well, at his show where the family was also present.

Joycelyn had broken off the bonds with her family as well so that she could move in with Kelly and had not talked to them ever since.

Joycelyn’s mother wanted to have a personal talk with her after there was a lawsuit was filed against her, but it seemed to be in vain.

She apologized for breaking off with her family and said that Kelly made him separate from her friends and family. But, she still supports Kelly and won’t ever betray him.


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