Where Is Edward Locascio Now? Maggie Locascio Murder In The Family: A woman in Miami started with fresh look years after demanding a separation from her husband who was putting her in her place. That woman’s name is Maggie Locascio. According to the reports, Maggie Locascio was cogitating the end of her marriage that lasted for 28 years. But the Miami woman died at the age of 45 years. According to the source, she was the wife of Ed Locascio Sr. Eddie for 28 years before dying. Furthermore, her son named Ed Locascio Junior was asking her to call the marriage end for years. But she did not know how much she would live after ending her marriage relationship with Ed Locascio Sr. Kindly learn the further description of Maggie Locascio’s murder case in the following sections of this article. Scroll down the page for more details and updates. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Edward Locascio

Where Is Edward Locascio Now?

Shortly after ending her marriage to her husband, she was found dead lying on the ground. The detective named John Butchko reported to the scene where he saw Maggie Locascio lying near the kitchen and had been bludgeoned in the head. The report shared by detective John claimed Maggie Locascio was stabbed, kicked, and choked by the killer. Furthermore, the report also revealed that the killer must have used a black metal barometer of the rage to bash Maggie Locascio. Investigators found a black metal bash near the kitchen floor. Scroll down for more details and information.

Maggie Locascio Murder In The Family

It is being reported that Maggie Locascio’s son Eddie Junior was in his school and doing some experiments in the laboratory that night and he also did not go home located in Coral Gables until 10 PM that night. But when he reached his house he saw flashing cop vans and police lines. In addition, Eddie Jr. did not get to watch his mom and enter the house as he was taken to the police station for interrogation by the officers.

Maggie Locascio was an accountant who also had gained a master’s degree. Her family had a net worth of around $6 million at that time. But mother and son duo separated from abusive father. Later Maggie Locascio’s husband was also taken into custody but detectives did not get strong evidence against Eddie Sr. and Eddie Sr. accused his son of killing Maggie Locascio. Despite lack of evidence, the officers captured Eddie Sr. who was just 19 years old at that time.


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