Where is Clay Shrout Now? Walter and Becky Shrout Murders Explained: Clay Shrout’s murder case has grabbed the limelight because of the last trial he had in the court of New York. The boy had killed his entire family on the 26th of May in 1996. Clay Shrout had allegedly killed his own parents Walter and Becky Schrute along with his sisters Kristen and Lauren. Later, the boy went to his school with the weapon he had killed his entire family to make every teacher and classmate afraid of him, but the police reached the spot and arrested him, and took charge of the weapon. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Clay Shrout

Where is Clay Shrout Now?

The case of Clay Shrout was taken to the court as one of the most sensitive matters of that time, and when all the relatives of the family of the boy Clay Shrout got to know what the man had done at that time, they were all shocked, cause they used to think that Clay Shrout was the intelligent most guy in his entire family.

Who were the parents of Clay Shrout?

The name of the father of Clay Shrout was Was Walter, and his mother’s name was Becky Schrute. Clay Shrout had two sisters named Kristen and Lauren. The parents of Clay Shrout were from a higher middle-class family, who used to attend the daily

What had happened on the day, when Clay Shrout killed his family?

On the 26th of May, 1994, Clay Shrout killed his entire family including his father, mother, and both sisters with his father’s gun. The killer had informed the court that he took the gun from his father’s jeep that was in the glove compartment. Clay Shrout killed his father and mother when they were sitting in their bedroom. Later, the boy went to the bedroom of his sister and killed her in her head.

Clay Shrout claimed that he had shot two times at his father Walter because he had not died in the first shot, and was still breathing. After Clay Shrout killed his entire family in the morning, he got ready for school and went to the school to announce that he had killed his entire family proudly.

There are also reports that before Clay Shrout left his house to go to school, he saw a neighbor near his house and told him that he(the neighbor) did not know the boy, and was going to see Clay Shrout in the news on the day. Clay Shrout had also called his friend to let him know that he had killed his entire family, but his friend did not believe him.


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