Where Is Allen Jason Wooten? Ruiz Stone Murder Case and Killer Whereabouts: Recently audience watched the gruesome killing of a woman in an episode of “Murder In The Heartland: An Affair With Murder”. This is the reason netizens have started scrounging for the whereabouts of Allen Jason Wooten. We tell you that, Allen Jason Wooten is facing a jail sentence for macabrely killing a woman. And now netizens are curious to find out what actually happened for which Allen Jason Wooten is facing a long jail sentence. In the following section, we have explained and described every imperative aspect of this headline. Keep reading this weblog for more detail. Drag down the page. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Allen Jason Wooten

Where Is Allen Jason Wooten?

According to the source, Allen Jason Wooten has been declared a convicted man for killing a woman in 2003. And it has been a long period since he was put in jail and now he is counting days on his fingers as his prison sentence is about to end. As per the source, a jury in Ouachita County Circuit Court announced a 40 years jail sentence against Allen Jason Wooten for being found guilty in a murder case, and in addition, Allen Jason Wooten was also charged with abuse charges. Who was the victim and why did Allen Jason Wooten kill her? Let’s learn this in the next section.

As per the source, the victim was identified as Ruiz Stone. Ruiz Stone was abused by him and later killed by him. Court announced its decision in the murder case of Ruiz Stone on November 9, 2005. Currently, the convicted murderer of Ruiz Stone is held at an Arkansas State Police facility and he will not get parole before July 2031. As per the source, the victim was a mother of two children who used to live in Camden, Arkansas but sadly she was killed back in 2003.

Her murder was carried out by Allen Jason Wooten on 23rd June 2003. Initially, Ruiz Stone’s family lodged a missing report for her but later they found that she had been killed brutally by someone and the next year in 2004 the perpetrator confessed his crimes in front of a judge. Later it was found that the victim was in a physical relationship with Allen Jason Wooten and she threatened him to expose him. That led him to kill her. This was the reason Allen Jason Wooten was killed by fracturing her skull and crushing her larynx and cheekbones. Stay tuned to this page for more.


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