When did Technoblade Start Youtube and Minecraft? Dates Revealed: This is yet another sad news as a YouTuber from the Minecraft world who was also a renowned streamer has passed away recently after a period of suffering from cancer. The Youtuber and influencer were also known as Dave B, who is also known as Technoblade. The news of their tragic passing has left his family and loved ones in a state of remorse. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com


When did Technoblade Start Playing Minecraft?

Technoblade, an American Youtuber and an influencer are quite renowned the name is known on YouTube and had a channel with a huge number of subscribers. He was widely known for his videos that had Minecraft-related content. He had collaborated with many Minecraft content creators on YouTube as well as Twitch. But, the 23-year-old had to leave this world at a very young age due to cancer.

His content became widely known after he started winning some big competitions for the famous game Minecraft. He is also the founder of the series known as Skyward. His death announcement was made on his own channel with the title of the video being “So long nerds”.

When did Technoblade Start Youtube?

Before his channel known as Technoblade, he had a channel that was called Studiolore where he had published some videos of games like Sporadic, Subpar team, and fortress 2 videos and a Roblox video as well. He had about 50 subscribers on that channel. He was 10 years old when he first started that channel. He had even mentioned that channel in a special video and has discussed it in detail.

He has ever since worked with many popular streamers and has collaborated with them. His identity is well known online but not much is known about him from his real life. He has also played the game on the SMP server and has a good relationship with a dream. He had garnered a lot of following during that time and all were feeling sad about his passing away. His most of life had been spent on Youtube even when he was in school or when he graduated.

He also has a lot of followers on his social media accounts as well such as Instagram and Facebook. Many people who loved watching Minecraft were connected to him and had developed a deep bond with him. His passing away of him had left them in a really big shock. We pray that his family and fans can recover from the tragedy and can move on.


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