WhatsApp’s team is active for the updates that it does every now and then. For the past several days, there has been a news going on for the revision of the number of members that can be added in a group call on WhatsApp. After all this, the company has finally made this feature into reality. WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has now doubled the number of members making group video and voice calls on Tuesday now 8 people can avail this facility simultaneously. Earlier, only a maximum of 4 people could talk on this calling feature. Sadly, the feature is only available for iOS users through feature updates for now. However, the team is working on Android too. And, since it is now in beta version we are sure it will be made available soon.

iPhone users can update this feature after an update, after which 8 people can do video calling in a group simultaneously. Not only this, in addition to video calling, this feature will also work in group voice calling and 8 people can talk together. In the new iOS update of WhatsApp, users will also see visual changes. It includes an updated message action menu.


If you can’t find this feature on your iPhones, and for the Android users too, the process is the same , so this is what you need to do.

– To take advantage of this service of WhatsApp, first you need to download the latest version of the app on your phone.

– Once the updated version is downloaded, make a separate group for the people you want to talk to as it will be easier and convenient for your future calls.

– After this, open the group you created and find a video icon in the upper right corner to initiate the call.

– Click it and start your video call

– Likewise, if you want to make a call in an already created group, then open that group and add 8 people to make video or voice calls in it.

The feature updated is actually the need of time. Due to the Coronavirus situation going on in the world, and most of us in the lockdown with most people are doing work from home .The demand for group video calling is increasing rapidly, with the people turning to the apps like Zoom for not just for work purposes but for casual talks too. Here to give a tight competition to Zoom, big companies like Facebook started improving their existing video calling facilities.


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