WhatsApp is a messenger app that is an important app in today’s era, in which millions of hearts are seated. Through which all people are connected to each other. It started in January 2009. And now there is big news for WhatsApp user, which is that now you can transfer money along with sending messages on WhatsApp. Through this article, we will make you aware of every aspect related to it.

WhatsApp rolls out payments feature: WhatsApp Pay Starts In India As Easy As Sending Message By Zuckerberg

As we said, now you can transfer money along with sending messages on WhatsApp. Let us tell you that this facility will be made available in India today. According to the company, WhatsApp has finally gone live in India. WhatsApp confirmed this through a blog. As we all know that currently there are many payment apps in India including Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay. And on the one hand, WhatsApp has been added to all these paid apps.

WhatsApp Payment App is come to make Online Payment more Smooth

Another app for online payment is now available in India and lots of people taking many beneficial services of the whats app pay. Now, transferring money will become as easy as sending messages on what’s an app, and also it is very secure said by the officials. The national payment corporation of India comes in partnership with Whatsapp to give a design in its payment feature. The payment method using Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

Whatsapp linked with 160 banks to make payment easy and smooth. The main major banks included ICICI bank, HDFC bank, Axis bank, Bhartiya State Bank, and Jio Payments bank. The main things that you need to transfer your money are a debit card and your account in any Indian bank. Whatsapp states that Bank is also known as a payment service provider. The bank is also a medium of transferring money and lots of people want to transfer money from UPI that Whatsapp gives in the features.

Whatsapp already a very famous app that many people using in their daily life. Whatsapp Payment App is available on every IOS and Android users. If any new feature will be released by the officials then users can get it by updating the App. many new features are given by Whatsapp payment App and all the users are loved the method of transferring payment. Another new app is coming is the market to make online payment more easy and smooth.


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