Reliance communication’s super hit JioPhone will soon be seen supporting famous messaging app WhatsApp. As per the latest reports, WhatsApp is soon going to be available on JioPhone because it is planning to make its arrival on KaiOS, which is the main operating system for feature phones. KaiOS is based on Linux. Recently, Facebook launched its app on JioPhone that has support for push notification. Also, it is optimized to use the cursor function of the phone.

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So, after Facebook’s entry to JioPhone, WhatsApp is planning to make its arrival on JioPhone. JioPhone users are eagerly waiting for WhatsApp’s entry on their phone. Till now there is no information about when WhatsApp will be launched on Jio Phone and what functionalities will the messaging app bring to KaiOS. But recently, the latest WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone 2.18.38 mentioned about the development of anew native KaiOS app’. Hence, it can be expected that WhatsApp will soon make its arrival on KaiOS. It has started working on a KaiOS compatible application and will make an entry to the JioPhone soon.

At present, the JioPhone runs on KaiOS which does not provide any support to WhatsApp. JioPhone users are demanding the availability of WhatsApp on their feature phone. And it seems that WhatsApp has understood their worry and hence it is planning to make an entry into the JioPhone and join Facebook which is already present on the phone.

Addition of WhatsApp will enhance the connectivity of Jio phone which is also supported by a special version of Google assistant. JioPhone users are excited to listen to the reports of WhatsApp coming to their phone. But there are no official announcements made by WhatsApp or Reliance Jio regarding the arrival of WhatsApp on Jio Phone. So, users have to wait for the official launch of WhatsApp on their Jio phone.


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