Whatsapp is one of the trusted and most used chatting apps all over the world. Whatsapp has around 1 billion active users and trusted as the safe app. In 2014 Facebook acquired this trending app. Now some critics have raised questions that using the Whatsapp will keep your infomation on the stake. Critics further said that there is no free lunch and the Whatsapp is using the information of the users for their benefit and they are keeping the information for their benefit.

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Many questions have been raised and critics said that 200 million active users are not safe. Facebook owned Whatsapp answered every question raised by the critics to protect their app. They said that we are not collecting any information except some data and all the messages users sends are end to end encrypted.

Critics Vivek Wadwa added “One-to-one communication between users are encrypted and may be as secure as WhatsApp claims. But the metadata, information about the calls, is likely being mined by the company,”

“The privacy and security of our users is incredibly important to WhatsApp. Invite links are an optional feature available to group administrators to be used only with trusted individuals”, WhatsApp collects very little data and every message is end-to-end encrypted. Contrary to recent comments in the media, we are not keeping track of the friends and family you have messaged. These are the words of the spokesperson of Whatsapp.



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