A popular content creator and a Youtube celebrity, Samantha Rabinowitz passed away peacefully in her sleep. It is upsetting news for her friends and family members who lost their loved ones too soon. She was popular social media personality and known by her account name “Here For The Tea”.

SAP Samantha Rabinowitz Passed Awayvs TSU

Samantha was running her own Youtube channel with the same name. According to the sources, the news of her demise was confirmed by Samantha’s sister, Lisa Greenspoon, she wrote,” It is with a heavy heart and sadness that I am sharing this news. My baby sister Sam has passed away peacefully in her sleep yesterday”.

What Was Samantha Rabinowitz Cause of Death?

The cause of her death has not been announced yet but soon, it will be announced by her family members. She was the loving member of her family who gained massive popularity on social media by sharing content videos related to beauty and make-up tutorials.

Her lost post was shared before 5 days during writing this article, she wrote a caption,” Hey guys, I will be back posting on Monday. Thanks for all the kind messages and thanks for your patience”. After this, her comment section was filled with lots of RIP and condolence messages. Our prayers are with her family and friends who is suffering from deep trauma.

As per the reports, the social media personality, Samantha Rabinowitz but was better popular by her nickname Sam. She was running a Youtube channel, ‘Here For The Tea’. The channel has more than 3.90 Lakh subscribers. Along with this, she had massive popularity on Instagram @hereforthetea2 is an account name of the personality where she was holding more than 134K followers.

How Did Samantha Rabinowitz Die?

Sam always used her social media accounts to talk about social drama and scandals and along with this, she has another account used for sharing make-up videos called @hereforthemakeup2. She always stayed active on social media but never posted her own pictures.

Since the news of her demise was speculated on social media, her comment section was filled with several RIP messages. Some of the netizens wondered that she was sick and others are claiming that she died due to a drug overdose. Still, the confirmed reports have not been announced yet.

Several influencers reacted over her death as shared their condolence on social media. According to the unconfirmed reports, she died peacefully in her sleep on Sunday, November 7, 2021. We pray for her family and friends who is suffering from this difficult time.

Still, there is no confirmation have been regarding to her GoFundMe page but whenever this kind of information will be revealed, we will share it through our page. Samantha Rabinowitz will be remembered by her loved ones.


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