The whole internet is mourning the passing of the Lance ‘Finest” Arcilla, who was a Filipino Valorant player famous for the “Revive Me Jett” line. Yes, the popular Filipino Valorant player has sadly passed away. According to the sources, the artist took his last breath on April 10, 2022. At the time of his passing, he was just 21-years-old. Well, the cause of his death is still untold. Since the news of his passing went viral, his loved and close ones have been paying tribute to him and expressing their deep condolence.

revive me jett die

According to the sources, Valorant is a free-to-play 5v5, which is a character-based tactical shooter. Well, the game work on an economy-round, objective-based, first-to-13 competitive format where the players can select a unique agent for themselves to play for the entirety of the game. The official Facebook page of Team Secret wrote,” We would like to extend our condolence to friends and family of Lance “Finest” Arcilla, who recently passed away. He made millions of us laugh with his iconic,”JETT REVIVE ME” and will forever be a monument of Valorant PH games. Paalam kaibigan”. The news of his death was confirmed by his mother through a post.

What Was Revive Me Jett Cause of Death?

Lancy Arcilla took Facebook and wrote,” Thank you, my child, for the 21 years of wonderful memories that you have us with your father…. You have always been a treasure to us and will always be.. you always put us first before yourself that almost nothing is left for you… You will always be our baby boy, my child… Gone too soon but will never be forgotten…”. The entire VALORANT community loves to make and share memes, sometimes, the memes goes viral and become legendary among the lovers.

Well, the player just become famous while playing the game and saying a line during a match. Lance “Finest” Arcilla was playing Omen and said the famous line “Jett Revive Me” which later became famous. Later, the video was shared and watched by millions of times and became known to all VALORANT players. Those who were aware of the video took social media to express their condolence.

How Did Revive Me Jett Die?

One of his fans commented,” Yikes, man. I’m sorry for the family’s loss and the community he created. This was actually a really funny thing I heard all the time when people were trolling; But now the foundation of the meme is gone now, I pray for happiness and prosperity to those affected”. He will be always remembered by his fans and closed ones.


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