The Blue Nile is a pop band that is from Glasgow, Scotland. A piece of news from Scotland is being circulated on social media platforms many times. Hence the people who love and respect the art of singing are seeking to know more details about it. The news we are going to introduce ahead of this article will make you feel sad because a man who got fame because of his band and guitar Mr. Paul Bachanan passed away. As soon as people come to know this news they are curious to know the exact cause of his demise. We will let you know all the details of this news in the correct mode.

paul dead

Paul Buchanan was born on 16 April 1956, in the city of Scotland, Edinburgh. He was a lead singer of The Blue Nile. He died suddenly and his death has become a mystery and giving pressure on the audience to get to know him. There is no information on the internet for the exact cause of his death.

What Was Paul Bachanan Cause of Death?

He was with his friends in one of the popular pop bands from Scotland Paul Joseph who was the consoles and Robert Bell who was as bass. The names were changed after the book of Alan Moorehead in 1980. The band has performed in the different cities as well as countries.

Whenever he used to sing, that would be nothing but melodious because he had an amazing voice and vocal. The band debuted at the LP. The pop band gained more followers through A Walk Across the Rooftops, and Hats. It’s the highest game the band gained until the Tinseltown in the Rain.

How Did Paul Bachanan Die?

In 1984, this album was considered one of the 28 numbers in the entire Netherlands. Apart from the given band has written the name top 75 hits on the UK Singles Chart and in 1981, if we talk about the highest one Saturday Night reached at the place of 50. The Downtown added charry on the cake to gain the success of the band as well as the fame of the artists. The album was considered the place on 10 the Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart.

In Texas, United States Paul Buchanan gave hit song Sleep which was reached the number 06 and he also gave 10 hits songs in the United Kingdom. His fans and friends are saying it seems like he is with us but we can not hide the reality. May his soul Rest in peace and our condolence to his family and relatives.


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