Another disheartening news of a popular Youtube celebrity is going viral on social media. Yes, the demise of a popular Youtuber “Nenobia Washington” who is popular as the social media icon “The Queen of Brooklyn” passed away recently. Well, we like to share this everyone that there is no official confirmation of her passing revealed yet but many social media users are revealing that she passed away.

is nenobia dead or still alive

As per the Rap Alert Twitter page, BK Tidal Wave (her other name) has gone from this world on Monday morning, November 1, 2021. She left her son behind. It is upsetting news for her all fans who love her a lot but it is also important to share with everyone.

What Was Nenobia Washington Cause of Death?

The demise of the celebrity has not been confirmed yet but many rumors are sharing by netizens on social media who is claiming that “The Queen of Brooklyn” has gone from this world and left her son behind. Our teams are searching for the official news.

Washington was known for her amazing comedic antics on her several social media accounts and along with this, she also received a story in Paper Magazine at the starting of 2020. So, let’s check out that there is any kind of reality behind these rumors?

Since the rumors of her demise went viral on social media, many fans came ahead to pay tribute to the Youtuber who had massive popularity on social media because of her amazing content. If there is any reality behind her sudden death so, it would be a big shock for his fans who loved her a lot.

Is Bk Tidal Wave dead or alive?

As per the Internet sources, the rumors began to spread from an Twitter account named Rap Alert, the page shared a Tweet that reads,” Nenobia AKA The Queen of Brooklyn/BK Tidal Wave’s sister list confirmed time that she passed away”. Later, the page also mentioned,” she said she will provide details for her arrangement when she gets them”.

On the other side, Tidal’s Twitter page Tweeted,” Our hearts are with BKTIDALWAVE and her family today. Rest In Peace to The Queen of Brooklyn”. Much information of the star is not available on the Internet and none of her family members revealed any kind of information.

Well, we can just say that until the official news of her demise is announced, we can’t confirm. If there is any kind of reality, we can understand the pain of her family who would be suffering from this difficult time. Our prayers and condolence with her family. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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