Another heartbreaking news has surfaced on the internet in which an OnlyFans model was stabbed to death. So, the model Melani Juarez was 21 years old and she was stabbed to death at a guesthouse in Rosario, Argentina. On Monday, 17th January 2022, her body was discovered by her pals and she had at least 14 wounds on her body.

How Did Melani Juarez Die

Her friends and family members start finding her when she had been not active on social media for 48 hours. If you want to know some more details related to this murder case, you just need to continue reading this article.

What Was Melani Juarez Cause of Death?

Talking about the first person who discovered the body of Melani, her brother Agustin found her first. He had a spare key of the guesthouse and he was the first person who find the dead body. Melani’s body was discovered on the floor while her head was lying on the mattress of the bed.

Let us also tell you that the official reports claimed that the front door and window were not forced open. Eyewitnesses also said that the lights were turned off and the television was on at full volume. Not only this, but her cell phone is the only thing that is missing from her guesthouse.

According to experts, the model was murdered in the early hours of Sunday, January 16. According to the authority, Melanie’s neighbors reported that they did not hear any sound, but smelled of rotting. Not only this, but the police also discovered an important evidence.

How Did Melani Juarez Die?

The man was accused of staying at the guesthouse for a few weeks and had conflicts with several other visitors. Melani was perceived by the owner as a peaceful person who had no problem with anyone. Later, Melani’s brother also informed the police that a guy had stayed there till last Sunday.

On the same day, Melani was murdered. Not only this, but Agustin also said that the man paid her for a month but he only stayed for two weeks and departed on Sunday. He also confirmed that Melani had been staying at the guesthouse for over six months before she was murdered.

Now, the investigation of the case is going on and many people are curiously waiting to find the name of the accused. There are many people eager to know who kill Melani Juarez. So, stay connected with us for more topics related to the trending topics.


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