Unfortunate news came into the knowledge and we want to tell you about this mournful news where you should know about the death of Luis Dimas. After, when the news came on the internet many fans around the world shared posts in tribute of him. He was the well-known personality of Chilean singer Luis Dimas at the age of 78. Here is the complete detail available about this news. reportedly it was found that he died on November 17, 2021.

Luis Dimas dies

Discussing the death cause then we want to tell you some of the important information which is important to be discussed here. He had a myocardial infarction in 2019 and he was admitted to the hospital for more than two weeks. But later he was discharged. At present, there is no such death cause available. If we get any update about we will tell you briefly about it.

What Was Luis Dimas Cause of Death?

The news about his death has been shared by his son. His son told media about the death. His son shared the info on social media and wrote in a post  “My dad, the king of the twist, Luis Dimas, he has just left, “he said

After the news went viral on the Internet there are many fans started sharing the posts in tribute to him. Some of the social media posts are available below that you can read. He was one of the famous singers in the music industry and the sudden demise made the world extremely mourn.

What did Luis Dimas Die of?

The funeral will take place today or definitely tomorrow. If there is any update comes related to the funeral then we will immediately add the information. Here is the various thing. Many fans are shocked to know the sudden demise of their favorite singer and there are many social media posts available right now.

for information, you can bookmark the page in your browser and we will tell you more latest news like this. We will add many more details after more research about him and his career in the music industry. So stay tuned to the website for more.


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