Recently the news has come on the social media platforms that a 26-year-old Kyle Craig of Ocean Springs man was killed while buying an ATV in Holmes Country, the family tried a piece of pieces together. His sister said he was known for purchasing and repairing quads, so the tragedy came as a surprise. This news is getting viral on social media platforms and this news is gaining huge attention from the people. Many people are curious to know about the news. Here we have more information about the news and we will try to cover all the important details in this article, so let’s start the article.

Kyle Craig dead and obituary

Morgan Craig says her brother Kyle Craig was very close with quads and everything connected to maintenance. ‘He was always busy,” Morgan said, “The teachers came in the classroom teacher said he was always repairing pencil sharpener and stuff. His hands were there to fix things.” The family tried to piece the pieces together after a 26-year-old man from Ocean Springs..After a 26-year-old Springs man had been killed while buying an ATV in Holmes County, the household tried to piece the pieces together. You are on the right page for getting the right information about the news.

What Was Kyle Craig Cause of Death?

Morgan said Kyle had been buying and selling quads since the age of 16, using Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist as a source of communication. He was spoken to a supplier he knew in Holmes County and came around 9:30 AM on Wednesday. Morgan said this will be the last time she hears from her brother.” It said his mobile was off,” When I had seen his mobile was dead,’ I knew it, Kyle would pay $500 for a charger, and he’s that kind of person.”

When the family did not listen to him on Thursday morning, they all into a car and spent four hours at the last location he found on the 360 app, which tracks your location. The 360 app connects to every mobile in the home,” Morgan said ” I jumped into the car so fast that my children and I did not stop.

How Die Kyle Craig Die?

Even I did not brush my hair”. Despite the tragedy, Morgan said she wanted to recall Kyle for who she was.” My brother did not do anything for me,” Morgan said, I just want justice. His legacy will live on. He left behind a son, a little boy who no one saw him walk, talk or drive.  This is where justice for Kyle comes in.”Stay tuned for more updates.


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