Here we are going to share the big and sad news with you, that Katherine Hayes has passed away. Katherine has played Leslie Jackson in “Guiding Light” in 1972 and Kim Sullivan Hughes in “A World Turning” from 1972 to 2010 Fairfield. We have to share this news with a heavy heart that she left the world at the age of 87. This news has gained amazing popularity among people with her work. She was the icon of her field, where she has made an amazing identity with her fantastic performances in her superb career. She had made fans and a good amount of money. Here are several things to tell you about the news, you will find all the authentic details in this article. Her death cause, obituary, and other information. Let’s continue the article.

kathryn hays dead

Hayes’s birth date is 26 July 1993 in Princeton, Illinois, and grew up in Joliet. Hayes’ first marriage was to Sidney Steinberg in 1957, and they are blessed with a cute daughter, named Sherri. Hayes was tied with actor Glenn Ford in 1966; then they divorced in 1969. This was a controversial topic at that time. People have talked much about her divorce. She was an independent woman, who had lived her life amazingly. Scroll down the page to know more about the news.

What Was Kathryn Hays Cause of Death?

According to the report, Katherine died on 25th March 2022 in Fairfield, CT, United States. Her death is a big loss for the cinema world. She was the queen of soap operas. If we try to know about her death cause so her death cause has not been revealed publicly. Several questions are raised in the mind of the people, that how Kathryn died. We don’t want to say anything without any facts and the confirmation, if we get any solid confirmation we will tell you at the same site.

People paid their final condolences on social media, Don Hastings, said: that their relationship between Bob and Kim is as close as Katherine and they are, only they’re not married. They are more like siblings and said many more things. Kathryn Hays (1933-2022) – Soap icon played Kim Huges on AS THE WORLD TURNS for 38 years.

How Did Kathryn Hays Die?

She was also a familiar face on shows like#starTrek and THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. in a 50-year career. We have shared all the details in this article, which we know about her if we get any updates about the news we will tell you at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.


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