According, to the reports, Tuesday Shooting, The husband of a fourth-grade teacher was killed saving her children at a Texas Elementary school and has died because of a heart attack. This couple has been married for 24 years and they left behind four children who are between 12 to 23 years old. Irma Gracia was the wife of  Joe Gracia, who had been teaching students for 23 years at Robb Elementary School. Irma Gracia was one of the teachers killed by a gunman who killed 21 people and 19 children.

Joe Garcia dead and obituary

After the death of his wife, Joe Garcia, at the age of fifty, gets a heart attack only after the two days his wife got died also, he can’t get proper treatment. Their relatives say, that he dies because of a broken heart. He can’t bear the pain that his wife is now not with her. The couple’s nephew John Martinez tweeted” Please pray for our family, He also added, ” the pain doesn’t stop”.


Joe Gracia worked in HEB at the supermarket company. His co-worker shared a Facebook post saying that ” May they both fly with the angels, they will be missed by everyone, they saved and sacrifice their life to protect the students. Gracia’s family wrote about them on Gofundme, as loving, sweet, and caring. They will miss them and always be remembered. The Daily Beast tells that they called Joe to know about the whole story of Irma Gracia and Joe said he will call them later, but he now can never call them back.

Joe Garcia had just placed flowers on the Thursday at the High school in the memory of his love & sweetheart Irma Gracia his wife. And the next day itself he got died because of a heart attack, his nephew, John Martinez told, they called the ambulance and were told that they can’t bring him back.

What Was Joe Garcia Cause of Death?

Joe was taken to the Uvalde hospital because he can’t get the proper treatment that claimed her life. All of her relatives are extremely shocked after learning about the sudden and tragic demise of the pair. The information has been circulated all over the Internet. The mishap is recognized as one of the most horrific incidents ever to happen in any of the schools in the state.Stay tuned to  for more information and the latest news on Science, Bollywood, Technology, and many more.


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