Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby who is also popular as Hank von Helvete and Hank von Hell passed away at the age of 49 on Friday, November 19, 2021. He was one of the most successful and popular Norwegian musicians for being the lead vocalist of the Punk Rock band Turbonegro.

Hank Von Helvete Passed Away

According to the sources, the passing of Hank von Hell was confirmed in a statement on social media that reads,” We are very sad to announce that Hand Erik Dyvik Husby who is also known to the world as Hank von Hell passed away on Friday, November 19, 2021″. The statement continuous,” We kindly ask for your respect to the family and close friends in this moment of tragedy.

What Was Hank Vol Cause of Death?

It is heartbreaking news for all the fans of Hank von Hell who loved him a lot and his family members are suffering from deep trauma. Turbonegro also commented on Hank Von Hell’s passing in a post on Facebook and paid tribute to the legendary rock star. They wrote,” It is with immense sadness, we received this tragic news that Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby passed away”.

The members of Turbonegro are saddened to hear the sudden demise of the star who has gone too soon from this world. According to the sources, the cause of his death has not been confirmed yet.

Hans Von Helvete was born on June 15, 1972, and is known for his appearance in Punk Rock band Turbonegro. His former band Turbonegro is one of the most well-known band for their tongue-in-cheek humor dealing with homosexual aesthetics and punk rock antics. The band was founded in the 1980s.

How Did Hank Vol Die?

He was a heroin’s addiction because of this, he was unable to perform in the show. After going through rehab, the band was reunited in 2002. In 2009, he had a joint No. 1 which was a hit alongside Maria Solheim in the Norwegian Singles Chart with Rom for alle.

Along with this, that song made its space at No. 1 for the next three weeks including the chart of Christmas Chart for 2009. He also played a role in a Swedish film titled Cornelis. He had also worked with a new brand founded in 2009, Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult. He released their first album I Declare: Treason. 

He also handled the seat of a judge in the Norwegian TV series Idol. Along with this, Hank Von Helvete’s biography was also released in October 2012 in Norway. He gave several hits to the industry and made his name with his talent. He was a great gentleman who have his whole life to music. He will be remembered by his family and friends.


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