Here we are sharing the sad news with you. Evangelist Morgan has passed away. The Evangelist was a famous Kumasi-based itinerant Preacher. He was famous for his style of preaching. This news is getting viral on the internet. All the people are shocked after hearing his news. This news is gaining huge attention from the people. The public is curious to know about the news, that what happened with Evangelist Morgan. Here we have more information about the news and we will share it with you in this article, so please read the complete article.

Who Was Evangelist Morgan

According to the report, Evangelist Morgan had died. he died last week after over 13 years of battle with cancer. Whenever his death news came, it was very shocking for everyone. His fans and family were expecting that he will be fine in time but they know that in the further they even could not be able to see him and could get his attention on anyone. His family and friends are heartbroken during this difficult time. The Evangelist was the person who has given inspiration to his fans. You are on the right page for getting the right information about the news, so keep reading.

What Was Evangelist Morgan Cause of Death?

The Evangelist was a popular Kumasi-based itinerant Preacher. Kunchacha started his Ministry in Kumasi and told the late Evangelist Morhgen as a real veteran of the gospel ministry. He disclosed that it was 6 of them. Preachers and prophets had not many that. They used to face at the entrance of Kumasi PZ and preach, and on days they had not gone to please. They went to the railways, the place mentioned sneakers or Morocco or KD to evangelize.

Evangelist Morgan had joined Despite’s Hello FM in Kumasi as the radio pastor. He had been out of the Preaching business for over 13 years due to throat cancer. Later, he died it would be recalled that some popular musician-led by MCAbraham announced a concert to raise and solicit funds for the Evangelist in 2018. Those who know the Evangelistic works done by Reverend Morgan from the 80s to 2000 will miss the man of God. Evangelist Morgan’s death affected everyone around him.

How Did Evangelist Morgan Die?

According to Kumchacha, the Evangelist had been arrested for Criticizing the regime through his preaching and had been kept in a guardroom at Osu Castle by the government. He said that Morgan had been arrested and kept at Castle for 21 days.  Morgan had suffered, and everyone assumed he had been killed, but by the grace of God, he came from the Castle to persist in his evangelism. Stay tuned for more updates.


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