We are here with the other breaking news, Daniel Sotelo, who was a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, was just 26 years old and was last seen in South Racine Avenue, in the area of 1700 block. On the other hand, Brookson was last seen in North Maplewood, of 5500 blocks, as said by the police. Sister of Daniel said that she had conducted the search for his brother, as she came to know on the 30th of April that his brother disappears. His classmates, friends, relatives, and everyone supports her.

Daniel Sotelo dead and obituary

This research starts when his girlfriend Natally Brookson, was found dead, her body was found in Lake Michigan on 12th May. Brookson was also studying at the University of Illinois and was studying Psychology in this university and live near Edgewater. Both got disappeared at the same time. Her sister also said she message to his roommate that is he fine or not, but he never saw my message and never replied, this make her tense and she came to know that he even didn’t pay the rent of the room as told by roommate Javier Rojas, at the UIC. His sister Jen wrote that losing him will be like losing colours from our life.

What Was Daniel Sotelo Cause of Death?

But the sad news is that the missing body of Daniel Sotelo has been found and recovered, according to Cook County medical examiner. Families of these both are shocked after hearing the death news of these both, these students were really good at academics. His, family and friends wrote on Gofundme which is the fundraising page that she was a caring and smart student.

As per reports, he was working for Friedman Square, for the blind in the Budlong Woods Neighbourhood. This news has shocked everyone who knows them and students of university and teachers are also shocked and are in pain, as they were their favourite students of them. Everyone wants to know who did this to them, but as per reports, the reason behind their death can’t be identified by police.

Missing UIC Student Daniel Sotelo Found Dead

They just found the dead bodies and the bodies are now gone for post-mortem through which maybe they can know anything about their death and investigation is going on to know who is the victim. We will let you know the whole incident until the police find the victim. For more information, stay connected with us.


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