Here we are sharing a piece of news with you, Charles Butler passed away. This news has come on the web as buzz. This news has grabbed huge attention from the people. As per the report, footage showed us Charles Butler’s observation showed he last appeared at his girlfriend’s apartment. Anna’s ex van was seen outside at various times of the day Foul play is suspected. He was a very hardworking, Cheerful businessman and divorced father of three. He raise up in Queens and shifted to Florida in his 20s. Here are several things for telling you about the news. Here you will authentic details in this article. Let’s find out the matter to continue the article.

Charles Butler dead and obituary

According to the report, on the evening of the 18th, Molly texted her father, asking him to arrange a flight ticket for her because she was having a problem with her credit card that’s she was unable to get her ticket. The next morning, she found him making no progress. She texted him and he replied with an apology. In this, Moly said to the producers, “he called her honey”, her Dad gave several nicknames but this was not one of them.

What Was Charles Butler Cause of Death?

Molly got worried when she got to know that Butler was not showing up at the insurance office where he served. She delivered an email to Lioznov to say Butler slept in her flat after leaving for work on the 19th. Suddenly, he texted her that he was breaking up with her and going back to Florida.  Molly had the idea that her father was obsessed with his girlfriend.

She has reported her fathers missing to the NYPD and spoke about his disappearance but they didn’t believe he was missing. After five days, his kids hired private investigators Keith Freeman. He didn’t find any proof that butler had booked any ticket for the flight. Freeman learned that Leoznov had an ex-husband, named is Mikhail Cherniaev. Freeman contacted NYPD detectives, They work to get footage from the camera from Lioznov’s building.

How Did Charles Butler Die?

His father’s friend has called her that and told Butler had received a shocking call from Chernyayev a month before his missing. Shockingly, the shows Chernyaev’s vehicle parked near the apartment building in the morning. “The NYPD believes that Charles had a foul. This case has made lots of suspense. However, on October 15, 2012, a fisherman found Butler’s decayed body upstate, according to the New York, court documents show.

The body was identified by the police in May 2013, as per the report of the trusted media. The suspect was calm and collected until detectives showed a map of the area where Butler’s body was found. Chernyayev eventually fell. According to the report, Chernyaev was waiting until Lioznov was off work to go to her apartment. Cherniaev take a knife from the kitchen counter and stabbed him with the knife several times, strangled him, and then strangled him. Stay tuned for more updates.


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