Unfortunately, we are upset to hear about the great loss of local media legend Brad Davis. The famous media legend Davis is no more among us and many people are devastated after hearing about this tragic loss. As everyone knows that he was very famous because of his career and excellent talent.

Brad Davis wdrc

This recent news has shocked everyone and countless people are praying for his soul to rest in peace. Let us tell you that, Davis was a popular radio and television mainstay in the Hartford area for decades. Today, many people mourning his death and paying rich tributes to the legendary media star.

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What Was Brad Davis Cause of Death?

On his sudden and unfortunate demise, Courant columnist Kevin Rennie said “Davis, a Marine veteran, began a more than 40 year career hosting WDRC-AM’s morning radio show. In an era of seismic media changes, the Davis audience stayed with him, a testament to their mutual affections”.

Davis debuted on local television with a dance party show in 1959 and progressed into a career that introduced investigative reporting and ultimately a popular morning radio program on WDRC-AM that he hosted for decades. Now, his family members and loved ones are upset to hear about his unfortunate death but he will remember in our memories and moments he lived with us.

Let us also tell you that he was got his wide success and popularity when he joined the show WDRC-AM and he give his 43 years to the show. If we talk about his living, he was lived at the Connecticut Veterans Home in Rocky Hill at the time of his death.

CT Media Legend Brad Davis Passed Away

Currently, there is no cause of death come in front of everyone but the searches to know the exact reason behind his death are very high. At the time, when he was inducted into the Connecticut Veterans Hall of Fame, he told a reporter that the main reason behind his success is his work ethic.

There are several people available giving their rich tributes to the legendary reporter. Not only this, but several social media platforms are also filled with various heartfelt messages and emotional grieves. His family members and close friends are remembering him and going through a very tough time.

Unfortunately, Davis will not appear to anyone anymore. This is a piece of very heartbreaking news for his family members that they lost a very precious gem of their family. Our deepest condolences to Brad Davis’s family and his close friends.


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