One of the popular Martial artists and American actors, Bob Wall sadly passed away at the age of 82. The martial artist also collaborated with the legendary late martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

what was Bob Wall cause of death

He underwent training with Norris and was 9th degree Tang Soo Do black belt under his guidance. His birth name was Robert Alan Wall but he was better known as Bob Wall in the film industry.

What Was Bob Wall Cause of Death?

According to the sources, Bruce Lee and Bob Wall had an actual fight on the film set of “Enter the Dragon”, which resulted in Bob’s breaking his ribs. After a few years, he acknowledged that the actor said to him Bob, I wanna hit you and I wanna hit you hard so, it could see real as much as possible.

Later, Norris and Wall became business partners and Bob co-starred with Chuck Norris in 14 episodes of “Walker, Texas Ranger”. He also appeared in the action films like Code of Silence and Invasion USA. Well, the actor was best known for his appearance with Bruce Lee in the film “The Way of the Dragon” and others like Enter the Dragon and Game of Death.

Both were known for their appearance together in movies and gained more fan following around the world. Their classic battle sequence in “Enter the Dragon” was amazing.

How Did Bob Wall Die?

Bob’s family stated,” Bob was the greatest husband and father. The family was Everything to him. He lived a remarkable life & There is a hole in our hearts that will never be filled. His spirit and legacy will live on forever within us. He was our rock”.

Robert Wall was born on August 2, 1939 and took his education from Okinawan martial arts under Gordon Doversola. He and karate champion Joe Lewis opened the Sherman Oaks Karate Studio in Sherman Oaks in 1966.

Later, Lewis sold his shares to Chuck Norris. Later, Wall started to debut in the films with Chuck but he got more fame while working with Bruce Lee. He had some small roles in Norris films like Code of Silence, Firewalker, and Hero and the Terror.

Bob studied the martial arts under several notable masters. Along with this, Bob was also starred in the film Blood and Bone as a bodyguard. Sidekicks, Sci-Fighter, Anatomy of An Antihero 3, The Search for Count Dante, and Anatomy of an Antihero: Redemption are the popular movies of the actor. He will be remembered by his family and friends.


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