The sudden demise of Octavia Ocana who is known for his best role in Benito in the popular television series Vecinos is upsetting everyone. Yes, the beloved actor Octavia Ocana passed away at the age of 22 this Friday, October 29, 2021. According to the sources, Octavia was traveling in his car and when the police chased him, he tried to escape, he would have caused a collision and died after crashing on the side of the road in Friday night.

Neighbor Actor Benito Ocana

The whole incident took place in Cuautition Izcalli, State of Mexico. As per the reports, the actor was driving a gray jeep truck, which police tried to stop him but he make an effort to flee.

What Was Benito Ocana Cause of Death?

Along with this, some sources are claiming that the actor had a gun in his hand when the incident took place and some alcoholic beverages glasses were found inside the car. The picture from his accident is spreading all over the Internet and fans are mourning the death of the actor who went too soon.

He was just 22-years-old who gained many fans following by appearing in the series. He was a good actor and his acting skills made everyone joyful. Many people who are closed to him paid tribute to him by sharing their words on Twitter. His series producer Elias Solorio mourned the passing of Octavio.

As per the sources, the actor was famous by his series name as Benito Rivers characters in the series “Neighbors”. Well, there are lots of rumours surfing on the Internet which shows that how the incident took place but the official report did not reveal yet. Some of the sources are believing that he was drinking since Wednesday with his friend. He was also carrying armour in his truck.

Actor Octavio Ocaña Died in Car Accident

Some pictures from the accidental spot were spreading all over the Internet in which Octavia can be clearly seen inside the car with some bloodstains on his face. Local media reported that the incident took place on the Chamapa-Lecheria highway. With this, three subjects were arrested at the moment.

The actor was known for his role as Benito in the television series Vecinos. Before appearing in the series, he began his career in the program named Chabelo. He has also worked in Lola… Erase una vez and the popular Mexican film Amor letra por letra. The family of the actor is in deep trauma and couldn’t be believing that their loving child has gone from this world. He will be always remembered by his fans and family.


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