We are here with the other news if you want to know who is Ali Raza Sadpal and how did he die. So you are on the right platform. Ali Raza was a famous mountaineer of Pakistan has died on 27, May, Friday. He was just 56 years old. This is shocking news for his fans, As they were waiting for his next climbing, but this can’t happen. Who knows, he will get die so soon. He had many goals that he planned to achieve further. He died near his village where he was practising for his next climb. People are sharing his photos and short videos and giving tribute to him.

Ali raza sadpara

Ali Raza has completed his schooling at a local school in Pakistan. Ali Raja Sadpura was a Pakistani mountaineer. He was the first Pakistani Mountaineer who climbs, Broad Peak. He also got Nanga Parbat, Gasherbrunmin 2005. He also planned to climb the world’s second-highest peak, k2. He starts his career in mountaineering in the 1980s. His marital status is married, as the wife’s name is not known. As per reports, he was 56 and his height was approx, 5’8ft. His fans are sad and shocked after hearing his death news.


As per reports, he was in his village Skardu and practising for his next climb, but he got dis-balance, and get fall from a rock, and got some serious injuries on his body & face. However, people took him to the hospital. He was admitted to the nearby hospital in RHQ Skardu Hospital in Gilgit-Baltistan. But, the doctors can’t save him and he took his last breath this Friday. After that, his funeral happened at his home at 10 pm.

He started his career as a high-altitude at K2 in 1986. In 2002 he got Nanga Parbhat and In, 1998, he got two Gasherbrunm and many others. He had attempted K2 two times. He also had the record for four peaks of 17 ascents. He was a simple man and lived his whole life to achieve his goals. He was a hard-working person. He has won the many hearts of the Pakistani people through his work. People will miss him and the work he did for his country. May his soul get ” Rest in Piece”. Stay tuned with us for the latest news and information regarding Bollywood, Technology, Business and many more.


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