It is saddened to hear about the passing of the school sprinter who made several records in her school life. Yes, we are talking about beloved Akiah McMillan who passed away recently and the passing of the college athlete broke the heart of hundreds of school students.

akiah mclillan

Akia McMillan was a sprinter who broke and made a record with her 300-meter sprint within 48.52 seconds. According to the sources, she was one of the most talented and well-known athletes in her schools. She was also a bright student of the school and achieved huge respect because of her talent.

The sudden death of the sprinter has devastated her loved ones. Her passing was a big loss for the school. Akiah McMillan’s family, friends, and everyone who knows her personally are mourning the death. Since the news of her passing circulated, everyone started praying for her soul and wished condolences.

How Did Akiah McMillan Die?

The news of her passing has been spread all over the Internet as a wildfire and everyone wants to know about Akiah and the cause behind her sudden death. Many people are believing that Akaih McMillan committed suicide. So, let’s find out some important information about the athlete.

According to the sources, Akiah McMillan was a Columbia College track athlete and was known for creating some new records on her college during the Saturday match. She was a growing athlete who received a huge love and respect from others. McMillan has participated in different championships for creating her name.

During her career, she was qualified for East Regional Championships with Nick in Greenville. Her beloved ones are in shocked after knowing the sudden passing of the athlete. Well, the cause of her death has been disclosed yet but some people are doubting that her death was caused by suicide. Still, we don’t have official news of her passing.

Akiah McMillan Cause of Death?

The girl had an aim to become an NCAA Champion and participated in Olympics 2021. As per NCSA recruiting profile, she was 18-years-old at the time of recruiting profile. She was a freshman Columbia College Student during the time of her death. She must be 20 at the time of her passing.

The news of her death was confirmed on Facebook and her beloved ones expressed their sadness over the sudden death of the sprinter. Akia McMillan will be always remembered by her loved ones. May her soul rest in peace.


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