Instagram continues to grow literally by leaps and bounds. More than 1 billion people around the world use it every month. 1000 photos are added every second. As statistics show, almost 90% of users have at least one business in their subscriptions.

Instagram promotion

It can be a small private matter, such as a creative workshop, or a global brand. In most cases, this is not a passive subscription, but an active engagement. Therefore, if some brands have a lot of active audience, then they do not have to buy Instagram followers to increase the activity in the account.

Subscribers follow brand updates, view their stories, leave feedback. Their engagement is significantly higher than that of Twitter or Facebook audiences. The purchasing power of Instagram  users is also quite high.

With the right approach, promoting a company profile can perfectly monetize sales and profits. In addition, the format and concept of this social network is suitable for the development of almost any business, and there are at least exceptions.

At the same time, you need to immediately understand and take into account that the competition on Instagram today is much higher than even 1-2 years ago. Currently, it is used by over 25 million enterprises of various profiles and scales. All of them strive to attract the attention of potential customers and turn them into real customers.

Therefore, it is not enough to create a business profile and upload photos. Promotion should be systematized, planned, constantly monitored and, if necessary, corrected. So that you don’t waste your promotion budget and get the desired result from it, let’s figure out how to promote a business in 2022 on this platform, what strategy to follow and what promotion methods to use.

Audience analysis

You need to have a comprehensive view of potential customers. First, we study geographical, gender, age and social characteristics, determine interests and occupation. If you already have a sufficient number of subscribers, then study them first.

If the account audience is not too large yet, then you can collect statistics on competitors’ subscribers. To do this, you can use specialized services.

Studying the audience, you need to immediately work out potential objections. Try to understand not only general obstacles, for example, the issue of price and seller authority, but also profile ones, due to the specifics of your niche. For example, if you are promoting a floristry studio, then users may doubt that your bouquets look as good in real life as in the photo.

For a beauty salon, doubts about the effectiveness of the proposed procedures may be an obstacle. Understand what can prevent your followers from turning into your customers, and take these objections into your sales funnel and promotion strategy.

Another important characteristic of the audience is buying behavior. That is, how exactly your potential buyers make a purchase decision. Here it is important to take into account niche specifics and the fact that there can be several strategies for such behavior.

Having correctly understood the paths your customers follow to place an order, you will be able to correctly draw up a sales funnel algorithm, select relevant landing pages, and determine suitable criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of promotion.

Instagram promotion

Increasing sales

This is the most popular business promotion goal. The ease of achieving it largely depends on how much advertising budget you are willing to allocate and how long and long the way the user goes to make a purchase decision. If this path is not difficult and goes quickly, then you can get by with a simple funnel and practically not warm up customers. In this case, you get the desired result as quickly as possible.

However, in most cases, warming up the audience is indispensable. It allows you to overcome objections and increase sales activity while lowering the cost of leads.


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