We have with us South African star players Temba Bavuma, Rassie Vander Dussen and Keshav Maharaj who, in an interview with Betway, discuss the team’s improvement in the last 12 months and show us South Africa’s T20 camp in the UAE. 

Rassie Vander Dussen questioned his wife, Lara, “What are we watching?”

“No, not too much at the moment” is the reply. She further adds, “we’re in the middle of a match series so you’ve caught me at a difficult time.”

Rassie Vander Dussen and his teammates are restricted to this biosecure environment in an Abu Dhabi hotel and the Netflix marathon isn’t the reason behind it. 

They are very hardworking and also very dedicated to their work. They continuously work with many hours of practise and preparation. And their astonishing performance and results are showing in the last one year.

Rassie Vander Dussen said in the presence of his wife, Lara that the staff at the hotel has done a good job in looking after them. Lara is a teacher and teaches classes online.

The couple spends a lot of time in the room and they also have a facility for a big TV and a lovely living space. One needs to keep the mind and body active in a bubble so they have got a lot of fitness toys to play with and there are many more facilities in the hotel. 

Keshav Maharaj described that temporary setup is not ideal. But it’s okay to work with it. 

And then he also said that whatever the situation may be, he will be working hard and smart so he could feel as if he is at home. He also added that he is a very tidy person, he needs each and everything to be neat and clean and especially if he finds a room dirty then he easily gets crazy. Many times, when cleaners aren’t arriving in the room, he spends time making himself more comfortable by cleaning home. But staying lonely for the long term isn’t good for health. 

The team eats, drinks coffee, watches sports together in the dining hall.

In the Rugby championship, they all got together to watch South Africa beat New Zealand by 31-29 on Saturday October 2. 

South African T20 team is with a new support staff, but their performance and their result showed in 2021 that South Africa is at the top.

Their victory in T20 series and test in Caribbean were followed by T20 whitewashes of Ireland and Sri Lanka in July and September and it shows that the squad is benefiting from approaching a major tournament with an extra 1 year of development behind them 

After this Vander Dussen said they are in a good position now, because earlier they were in different conditions and they have improved a lot. A year just before this they weren’t even experienced that much and now, they really have a good place.

South Africa’s T20 new skipper Temba Bavuma took the permanent role in March and has consistently provided good results. Bavuma said that it was like a surprise for him to be assigned as the captain, initially he had a lot of fear about how he would handle the team, how he would take his team to a different height but he did it and he really enjoyed the process. He felt lucky that he has been practising from school time, and gained a lot of experience playing with great players. He’s mainly inspired by Amla. 

For Rassie Vander Dussen mental and physical health are equally important. He said that he dedicates all the time, hours and every second in practice. And the night just before the match is very intense for him and every player.


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