After witnessed the Black Fungus and White fungus cases in the country, the first case of yellow fungus has been registered in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh. The patient who is infected with yellow fungus is currently admitted to ENT hospital Brij Pal Tyagi. The doctors examined the condition of the patient and stated that this is the yellow fungus which is way more dangerous than black and white fungus. They have also stated the symptoms of yellow fungus where the patient will suffer low appetite, or no appetite and weight loss. IN the cases of black fungus and white fungus, the patients were diagnosed with similar symptoms of COVID-19.

Yellow Fungus

Doctors issued a statement where they confirmed that the patient infected with yellow fungus will also face the leakage of pus in their open wounds or any wound and they will take time to heal even after taking the medicine. They can also face organ failure, malnutrition, and recessed eyes due to the infection. The yellow fungus-infected patient is under observation and treatment is undergone in the Tyagi Hospital. There are some early symptoms that are issued by doctors and stated that the yellow fungus is a fatal disease and the infected people will notice the low appetite and sudden weight loss in their body as the virus starts internally.

Patients with these symptoms can visit the hospital and start their treatment as soon as possible. Doctors have also issued the name of medicine using in treatment for Yellow Fungus is Amphotericin B injection which they are using as an antifungal medicine. The main cause of Yellow Fungus is bad hygiene followed by the patients for a long time. People are instructed to clean the area around their homes and keep themselves clean as much as possible. People are advised to cook food in clean water and consume fresh food.

As long as they will keep the food in the fridge or in the open air, it will increase the growth of bacteria and fungus. The weather in the North is quite humid for a few days, so the inside temperature of the house shouldn’t be humid as it will be the major cause of bacteria and fungus. You can keep a check on the humidity level of your house as should be between 30% to 40% as it can easily deal with the humid temperature. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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