After the deadliest virus COVID-19, now the country is suffering from White Fungus and Black Fungus. The nation is still battling against the second wave of COVID-19 infection and some reports have been issued by health experts who believe that the white fungus infection is more threatening than black fungus. Coronavirus is affecting the lungs of the human body but the white fungus has major effects on the lungs, kidney, brain, skin, nails, mouth, and private areas. Black fungus has taken the lives of many and now the white fungus cases have also registered in the country on Thursday. There are four cases of white fungus

what is white fungus

that have been registered in Bihar and the experts claimed that this is more dangerous than black fungus. Prior to this, the black fungus cases were registered in a number of states like Rajasthan, Gujarat Haryana, Assam, and Telangana. Doctors stated that the symptoms of white fungus are quite similar to the COVID-19 infection. In this infection, the fungus attacks the lungs, and the disease can be detected by the HRCT test of the infected patient. Black fungus has infected the eyes of the infected patient, but doctors have claimed that the white fungus will be the deadliest virus that will easily spread in the patient’s

lungs, kidney, brain, stomach, mouth, eyes, skin, and private parts. The head of the microbiology, Department of PMCH also confirmed that they have examined the four infected patients and they believe that the symptoms of white fungus are similar to the coronavirus, but their test reports were negative with COVID-19. After the detailed investigation, they found that those patients were infected with white fungus. The people with low immunity are at a higher risk of white fungus. People who have the history of diabetes and on steroids for a long time can also be infected with the white fungus.

They need to wear masks and sanitize their hands even in their place of living. Daily health activities can also help them to improve their immunity. Avoid going outside until it is necessary and keep a check on your health conditions. In the early symptoms of COVID-19, book an online appointment for the COVID-19 test. Take medicines for pre-existing diseases or health issues. Drink homemade drinks that will strengthen your immune system. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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