There are too many social media platforms on the Internet and Tik Tok has become one of the largest video contestant sharing platforms across the world. Millions of users are available on the platform and on a daily basis, they post their creative videos and challenges to show their fans.

tiktok magnet challenge

You can follow your favorite video creator on the platform and stay updated with their videos and trends. Not only trends but Tik Tik challenges are taking another place on the platform and every user love to follow this trend because of their popular including using some filters, as well.

Every month, we can see some amazing trends on the Tik Tok app and everyone is making their videos using the trend. Well recently, in more challenges is surfing on the Internet which is attracting millions of Tik Tok users across the world and users are also creating their videos by following the challenge.

Sometimes, these challenges look interesting but currently, the ongoing trend is harming some children who is trying to do this challenge. A boy was hospitalized and went through surgery at Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow and his small bowel, appendix, and 30 cm of his large bowel have been removed from his body. It sounds weird but that’s a reality.

What Is Tik Tik Magnet Challenge?

The magnet challenge is showing that some users are using a magnetic ball and putting it on their tongue to create piercing. While some users are also placing magnets on their noses to create a look of nose piercing in videos. Due to this dangerous challenge or trend, two children at the age of 13 and 11 have been hospitalized and went through major surgeries in recent days due to following this trend.

The trend has become a serious matter in recent days as the cases of children have been increased in hospital as the children swallowed the tiny magnets after which they faced serious complications. It is a humble request to all the Tik Tok users to avoid these dangerous challenges and trends and also report them on Tik Tok.

Tik Tok Trend Found Dangerous

As we have explained above that how this trend can be dangerous for children and adults as well. According to the sources, in the last few months, almost 65 children have been hospitalized in England for urgent surgery after swallowing tiny magnets in the last few years.

You can report this trend on Tik Tik after following some steps. Go to the Video, tap the “Share” button and select “Report” and follow all the instructions.


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