A new trend has acquired on TikTok and the public is giving different reviews on it. The popular singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey is trending on the social media platform as it shows that a new cult has been formed. Tiktok is leading with the cult and people are also going crazy over it. Some people who love the hamster cult also want to beat Lana on TikTok so they have updated the edited cult picture on their profile. Lana has begun her career in singing and debut with her single “Video game” in 2011. In 2012 she launched her single “Born To Die” which got international success. She got a Grammy nomination for her album for her sixth album “Norman Fucking Rockwell”. She got a nomination for MTV Europe Music Award in 2012. She won two Echo Award in the category of Best International Newcomer and best artist. Later she collaborated with Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus for her soundtrack in the film ” Charlie’s Angels” in 2019.

Trend Goes Viral Reason Singer Lana Del Rey Bio Wiki & Net Worth

What is TikTok Hamster Cult?

There is a group on TikTok, who has changed their profile picture to the hamster. They have done this to overtake the cult which is made by Lana Rey. Some of the people have shown their love towards this cute species picture. The fans of Lana have changed their profile picture to her and followed her as well. When Lana changed her picture to the hamster cult, a thousands of people changed their picture to the same. People have updated the different colour, size and shape picture on their profile to show their love to Lana. Some of the accounts are also shown as a zoomed picture of this furry and cute species. There are some people who are loving this trend and started following it also but there are few who are bored with seeing the same hamster cult picture on every account.

There is a simple procedure to join the TikTok cult. First of all, change the profile picture to the hamster cult. After updating the profile picture, follow the accounts of those who have updated the same picture on their account. You will also become a part of the family who loves the hamster cult. The people are also commenting on Twitter about this trend and showing their love towards Lana and the hamster cult. It seems that soon they will break the record of the Lana Del Rey cult. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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