Many trends on the Internet are taking place on some popular platforms like TikTok. It is one of the most ongoing platforms running and many users have been sharing their content through their accounts. Some weird trends are also going viral among all the fans who are searching for something special and amazing to do through their content.

What is 690452 TikTok Trend

Unfortunately, there is another trend for all the fans and it’s all different from all the other trends of the Internet. First of all, we like to ask our readers that do they believe in a parallel universe? Yes, the current trend is going viral because of this which is claiming the same.

What Is 690452 TikTok Trend?

Along with the trend, a number is also going viral on the Internet that reads 690452, and currently, it is making rounds on several social media platforms. Well, TikTok is a vast place where some strange things happen always.

As we have seen a few months ago that a user claimed that he saw a floating broom and after a few days, another trend started to go viral and the parents had worried about this. So, if you are excited to know this strange trend on TikTok, keep reading this article and know more about this peculiar trend.

First, we like to share something about this viral trend and we got something from the users and what did he say about this trend. So, the latest trend is getting more viral on TikTok which claims that if you will write the number “690452” on your wrist and go to sleep, you will be trapped in your dreams for the rest of your life.

Some users also said that if the trend were to be believed so one would be stuck in a demonic world. Many weird and typical questions are asked by the users.


For those who are reading this and believing that it is totally true and if the trend is real and if one could really be stuck in their dream so, let us clear you the answer is no. Nothing will happen with you if you will write these numbers on your wrist and go to sleep.


Many users have taken part in this trend and proved that nothing happened and the trend is totally fake and there is nothing to believe. Some of the users also recorded their video in which, starting from when they write the number on their wrist to waking up in the morning as usual. As the time is passing, the trend is becoming a joke among TikTok users who are using this challenge and not stuck in any kind of dreamy world.


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