What Is Sidney Powell Meme Dr. Pepper? Jan 6 Testimony Details: On July 12, Sidney Powell went viral on social media platforms by showing something laughable to the netizens. She went viral on social media for the second time, but this time netizens are laughing over her act instead of getting angry at her as they did when she first went viral. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Sidney Powell

What Is Sidney Powell Meme Dr. Pepper?

Sidney Powell has been in the public eyes’ for the second time after she was harshly slammed by the supporters of Trump after Sidney Powell claimed some kind of technical fraud on the order of the former President of the United States of America in the 2020 elections.

Recently, Sidney Powell is being viral on social media platforms with Dr. Pepper. One of the memes of Sidney Powell is being viral on the internet, and being liked by a lot of netizens while there are others who have still have confusion in understanding the entire matter.

The veteran attorney, Sidney Powell had taken a sip of the Diet Dr. Pepper during the on-air testimony video of herself, and the moment was caught by the members and they created a joke out of it and said that it seemed to be like Sidney Powell just did the TV commercial or the advertisement of the product, as Sidney Powell showed the cup of the “Diet Dr. Pepper,” to the camera while her testimony was still being recorded. Sidney Powell was recorded by some sources, in the January 6 testimony. It was for the seventh time when the committee called Sidney Powell for the hearing in the January 6 testimony.

Who is Sidney Powell?

Sidney Powell is a former federal prosecutor. She is also known for being an attorney. Sidney Powell has been active in the field of attorney for more than 44 years. However, she has represented a lot of cases. Sidney Powell gained a lot of attention from the public with the case of Jimmy Chagra that took place in 1979.

She has also been one of the main people who had put an allegation to the transferring of millions of votes with the help of voting machines during the presidential 2020 elections in the United States of America, and this allegation of her caught the eyes of millions of people from the entire world. However, the attorney got sued for defamation at that time. Sidney Powell had also claimed that some technology companies such as Smartmatic and Dominion Voting System were involved in the conspiracy with the 2020 elections fraud in voting.


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