Chef Pii is being in the trend on social media platforms for one of her products which seems to be strange to some social media users. The “pink sauce” product is rapidly being viral on social media, and it is getting hatred by a lot of users. Follow More Updates On

Pink Sauce Recipe tiktok

What Is ‘Pink Sauce’? Recipe Viral TikTok Trend Explained

On the 11th of June, Chef Pii posted a video through her TikTok account that showed that she was dipping a tender chicken into a bowl of pink sauce, and later takes a bite of it. Chef Pii is a chef who works privately in the United States of America’s Miami, Florida, and is a social media influencer. The video that Chef Pii through her social media platform has gained over 755,000 views. According to some netizens, the “pink sauce” is one of the products of Chef Pii that she invented by herself.

Pink Sauce Recipe Tiktok

When the video of Chef Pii went viral on social media platforms, there are a lot of negative comments on the video that claim that the product is not good and that they did not receive the product in a good condition. According to one of the social media users, when she ordered the product after she saw the video of Chef Pii on the social media platform, and in the video.

The packaging wrap of the product showed all the ingredients of the products that were used to make the product, and then later when the customer ordered it, she found out that the packaging was not properly done, and the packaging showed it contains milk whereas the packaging denied storing the product in the fridge, but all the dairy products are stored in the fridge.

Chef Pii on social media platforms

Chef Pii has gained a lot of popularity after her video of her eating a chicken tender after she dipped into a bowl of pink sauce, has gone viral on social media platforms. The video has gained more than 755,000 views and this video on her TikTok account has become the most watched video. There are some other videos also that have attracted thousands of views that contain anything that seems to be in the pink color. However, Chef Pii asked the news sources to not reveal her real name and use the name that is mentioned on her social media account.


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