Many influencers and social media users are creating some amazing content videos on their platforms and sharing them on other platforms to receive more popularity. Currently, TikTok and Instagram are some of the most popular video creating platforms in the world which are mostly used by millions of people.


Every single day, we notice some of the best content of the Internet and it seems that the trend comes from TikTok. When TikTok comes with an update, it also features something new. Last year, the app was the most downloaded non-gaming platform.

Now, the platform has become a place of entertainment where most of people are always available. In the last few months, the TikTok platforms come with some new trends for the fans and once again, Tiktok comes with a new trend for all the users around the world, and even, many users have already created their fantastic videos over the trend.

Currently, the Piggy dipping at the piggy pond is getting hype on the TikTok platform. Along with this, the users are creating some fantastic content for their fans. Now, we are going to share some details related to the trend and how to join the trend of #piggydippin?

Piggy Dippin At The Piggy Pong On TikTok?

According to recent sources, many users are creating their video over the soundbite of a woman who is saying “Piggy Dipping At The Piggy Pond. Now, you went sausages swimming in the water bowl? You dip them fat little toes in there? This new and fresh sound is spreading all over the platform and getting a buzz on TikTok.

The sound is in itself hilarious and still, people are making short content videos playing the sound in the background of their videos. A TikTok user named @firstlightfarm created a video over this sound and got more than 6K likes and hilarious comments. Many people commented over the content and praised the creator to make more videos.

How To Do Piggy Dippin At The Piggy Pong On TikTok?

As per the sources and research, the first content over this sound was created by a user named @missus.weeb. First, the video was uploaded by her on December 26, 2021. The original content video got more than 1.2 million likes and 8217 remarks as of January 2022.

Well, some of the users are confused related to the sound and let us tell you that Piggy Dippin At The Piggy Pong is not a song. This is just a soundbite of a woman that is going viral on social media.


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