One of the vast video-creating platforms, Tik Tok has been capturing the attention of millions of users from the last few years and many people use this platform to create some amazing video by using the platform’s provided features such as filter, slow motion, and many more things. People love to use this app but unfortunately, the Tik Tok app is banned in India and the Indian users can use this platform nor download this from the play store. On the weekly basis, the Tik Tok app launches some popular trends and challenges on the platform for which people can use this trend and create some fantastic videos.

What is Origami Camp Tiktok

Well, currently, the anther trend is taking a space of some other trends and even people are loving the trend and creating some amazing videos by using this. The name of the trend is Origami Camp. So, what is an Origami Camp Tiktok? Many users are trying to find out the meaning of this trend. So, this is a new trend on social media. Well, we don’t know much about the trend but some netizens are telling the story behind this trend.

What is Origami Camp Tiktok?

We found several Origami Camp videos with the hashtag #OrigamiCamp on the Internet and the Tik Tok app. Along with this, some users and creators are very unfamiliar with the ongoing trend. Simply, the trend is only for the group of some members and not everyone can join this trend and one of them needs to be a member of the “Origami Camp House” to make the video the creators.

Along with this information, some of the Tik Tok users are claiming that the creators are feeling unfamiliar with the trend. Many people are searching that how to do the task? Currently, many people are using this trend and uploading videos on Tik Tok with the Origami Camp Trend. Well, there is not any specific format to apply in the trend. A bunch of creators are making the video by using this trend under the same roof.

According to Internet sources, there are more than 18 million views on the hashtag of this trend. Well, some of the netizens on Twitter are saying that people are renting a house for some weeks to create videos and then, they called this trend Origami Camp. There are many popular creators on the app such as @demonspiit, and @babygirlnoell who is creating their videos on this trend and capturing the attention of millions of users.


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