What Is ONB Mean on TikTok? Meaning In Snapchat Text Slang and Urban Dictionary: A new abbreviation is released by Tik-Tok recently which got popular but people don’t know the meaning of that abbreviation and want to know about it. Well, the abbreviation is ONB, Yes this is an abbreviation that is now searched by people to find the exact meaning of this. This term usually refers to a program named Orange Is The New Black and this abbreviation is now getting millions of searches so if you are here to know the meaning of this so you are in the right place. We have shared the meaning and other things related to this abbreviation. So let’s have a look. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

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What does ONB Means On Tik-Tok?

This slang/abbreviation will change with different views and this term is used to describe a full form of a program but on this platform, it is another abbreviation of LOL- Laugh Out Loud. As people are now bored saying LOL for funny situations so ONB can be used now for the same. People have already started using ONB rather than saying LOL. Social media has released many different acronyms & slang phrases in which one of which is ONB. Below we have described the full form of ONB so let’s have a look.

Full Form Of ONB

The full form of ONB is Outward Nose Breath and it is n acronym for the phrase meaning. This word is designed to create the same meaning that a LOL gives as this abbreviation sometimes make other think as an impolite word or they think anyone is making fun of them but OND doesn’t give that vibes as it is the same abbreviation we can use for LOL. Many are thinking that this abbreviation produced as this seems polite to others and no one can brink other meaning for this.

ONB Meaning In Urban Dictionary

There are different & several meanings of ONB which are listed below.

  1.  Bitch who involved with other Nigga, bitch in a relationship, regardless of whether you have pimp juice, is a common term.

Example- Tom singly moves with ONBs since he doesn’t want to buy stuff for her or hear about their silly problems. Tom indeed is a Mac.

2. ONB means old news- When someone shares a piece of repeated news in a group which created dissatisfaction and they said him Old News and b stands for a friend which doesn’t represent anything. These all are the meanings of ONB so you can also use OND in place of LOL.


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