The social media platforms have been flooded with uncountable videos with some popular trends which are going viral among users and on the daily basis, we can find any new trend on the Internet. After the latest trend on social media platforms such as TikTok, we have found another trend called “Go Little Rockstar” which is the song playing in the background.

What is Go Little Rockstar Song on TikTok

Recently, the trend is used in several videos and it will be interesting to use this trend if you haven’t used this in your videos. So, let’s find out the details behind this latest trend.

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As we know that billions of people use this TikTok platform and it takes a few hours to become a trend to go viral on several websites. Now, we can find easily that the “Go Little Rockstar” trend is going more viral on the Internet and fans are creating amazing videos by using this interesting trend. Most of the people have been finding the viral trend that why the song is going viral and who used this trend first. Along with this, many people even doesn’t know that what is the real name of the song and who sang this interesting song.

“Go Little Rockstar” TikTok song Explored

Let us tell you some deep details of the song and why the people is calling this song. Well, the name of the song is “Pope os a rockstar” and it is sung by a popular artist the Band Sales, an Indie-pop band. Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih are the leading members of the band. They had been friends for a very long time before they decided to start their career in music.

First, Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih started to play songs in just their hometown in Florida, and after that, they managed to receive much attention from her fans. When the band becomes worldwide popular, their music also found a way to make space in their hearts and the band released their first album in 2013 and after that, they have been releasing some amazing songs.

“Go Little Rockstar” Lyrics Explored

People can easily understand the meaning of the song which starts from “from the perspective of someone walking away from a relationship and ignoring the confrontation. They are tired of fighting”. As we can read the lyrics of the song:

Now he wants to start talking
“Go ahead,” when I’m walking
Face the lie that I’m hawking
“No, don’t wanna, won’t happen”

We can wait forever for the world to untrack
We can wait forever for the worthwhile track
And, oh, you want to start talking
Fall together, I’m walking
Face the lie that I’m hawking
We can always fight

You can be the highlight
Pope is a rockstar
Hoping on a late night

Most of the people are also searching that why the song is going viral on the Internet so, the song is mostly used in the background and used for their loved ones who have passed away.


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