The popular content creating a platform in the world, Tik Tok comes with some new trends and the users make their videos on the trend and shared them on their Tik Tok account. If you have been using this platform for the past years and watches some exclusive trending videos on the Internet.

devious lick meme trend

so, there are many more trends that come on some more social media weekly and currently, another trend is going more popular on the Internet that named. “Devious Lick” meme which is becoming famous over the Internet including TikTok and many social media users are excited to know the meaning of the trend. If you are one of them so, you should read out the full article to get every update of the trend.

As we know that Tik Tok is a popular platform that is using almost millions of users across the world and the reason behind the popularity of the platform is making dance videos, lip-sync videos, challenges, and meme trends. There are lots more types of pictures in the app that can swing your mood in a just few moments.

You can make amazing videos by using this platform. Currently, there is a new trend in surfing on this app which is also known as a new meme and it is attracting millions of users across the world but some users are unaware of the meme and they don’t find it funny as they don’t know the exact meaning of the trend.

Everything to know about the Devious Lick Trend on Tik Tok

This trend is recently coming to the headlines and it was posted first time on September 5. On the other side, there is a name behind the trend that started this trend. He is a Tik Tok user named dtx.2cent. Recently, many memes are surfing on the Internet regarding Devious Lick which is a slang meme.

The first video was posted by dtx.2cent and his viral video showcases that the user is unzipping his backpack and pulling out a hand sanitizer bottle. Currently, the trend is making its space among the fans and users are going excited about the trend and want to create some new videos as well. Day by day, the user is creating their meme video and sharing it on social media. The original video has gained more than 2 million likes and 9 million views since it was posted.

While, some school has already threatened to arrest the students for those who are participating in the Devious Lick trend and reason behind this is that many students are stealing menial and random items from the school to play this trend.

Devious Lick Meaning In Urban Dictionary

As pe the meaning of the word in the dictionary, the hit a lick describes the meaning of increasing an amount of an item in a short time. On the other side, the trend showcases comedy because it also refers to stolen objects that do have not much. Not only this but there are many more Tik Tok challenges and trends which is running on the Internet.


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