Another trend of the social platforms has taken place once again among the users. The TikTok users have been sharing and using this trend to gather more fans across the world and the name of the trend is “Booty So Fat” which is an English song. Currently, the trend is going viral on social media, and several TikTok and Reels users are using this trend to create some amazing videos and share their amazing videos with their followers.

Booty So Fat TikTok Song

Booty So Fat TikTok Song details

Let us tell you that we have seen lots of amazing trends which is currently trending and every morning, we find some popular and amazing trends with the fans.

Booty So Fat TikTok song Beyonce Lyrics

According to the sources, Booty So Fat is a part of the song called Grown Woman sung by the popular singer Beyonce. Booty So Fat is just a part of this song and currently, it has become a trend for all the users. Mostly, girls are using this trend in their videos to get amazing responses from their fans.

First, the album was released on November 24, 2014, and gained much attention of the listeners and once again, the song has suddenly become viral on TikTok these days. Most girls are creating their videos on this trend and recording their dancing videos to show their talent.

We have already shared that the Booty So Fat is just a part of a popular artist Beyonce song “Grown Women” that was released in 2014. Maybe, the users should get some popular trends to pass their day as the old trends is not available on trend for a long time and because of these, some people release this trend on the Internet.

Maybe, if you scroll your screen so, probably, you will get many videos related to this trend at the current time. In the trending song, the artist sings the line “Cause I got a cute face and my booty so fat” in the song. It is an 8-second long time where the TikTok users are showing their dancing skills.

Now, the music has received more than one hundred million views and 767 thousand likes so far. So, let’s check more about this ongoing trend.

Booty So Fat TikTok Song Meaning Explained

As per the lyrics, the Booty So Fat song is all about a grown, independent woman who can do whatever she wants to do in her life without any restriction. The song is 4-minutes long but the users are just using an 8-second lyric of the song. The line of the song is interesting and catchy therefore it has been trending. Beyonce is one of the most popular artists who is known for releasing some of the best songs.

Many trends have come out from Beyonce’s songs on TikTok so, we can expect that more trends will also be discovered from his released or upcoming songs. Along with this, the users can also use this trend as lip sync.


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