Today, we are going to talk about one of the most famous songs named Basbousa which is creating a buzz on social media. As everyone knows that the song has been widely prominent in the TikTok community and now it is gaining popularity all around the world.

basbousa tiktok song

When the song was released, it gained attention only in Arabic speakers but later it become viral on the internet, and people from other countries searching to hear this amazing song. Nowadays, people commonly searching for real talent, and they don’t believe in partiality and just supporting the real talent whatever it comes in which language and from which country.

What Is Basbousa TikTok Song?

The song is an Arabic cat song that is currently appreciated by thousands of people. According to the reports, the song is a remake of the prominent northern Arabic music from either Syria or Lebanon.

Let us tell you that most of the people who heard this great song believe that it is written in Lebanon. The main reason behind the success of this song is its magnificent voice and catchy tempo that attracting millions of people all around the world to hear this song at least once.

Along with it, the lyrics of the song also known as the Arabic Cat Love Song in which the makers are trying to tells the story of two cats. The story shows a romantic love story between a male and a female cat. In the song, the male cat refers to the female cat as Basbousa.

What Does Basbousa Mean?

The word defines Desert in Arabic. Later, the male cat follows his lover from one house to another and asks her to give him a kiss. Let us also tell you that the song has been first posted by Maestro Mohamed Sheikh who is a well-known music creator and producer.

Talking about the video shared by Mohamed then Zizo Starr also appearing in the video. He is a famous YouTube Sensation from Lebonan and he is just 24 years old. Let us also tell you that the original video of the song has gained more than lakh views on TikTok and the music has crossed over 53K videos on the platform.

So, it is actually going on very well and millions of people searching to hear this song and want to watch the video as well. The makers have actually created very genuine content this time. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the trending topics.


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