What Is Angel of Death Tik-Tok Challenge?: There are various platforms that can harm the individual. Just like the challenge which is being reported on the Tik Tok. It might be someone who does not know about Tik Tok. “Angel of Death” this challenge has become the order of the day because this is one of the challenges which is very risky and viral in a very short time period.

What Is Angel of Death Tik-Tok Challenge Two Teens Died In Angel Of Death Challenge

A challenge from the Tik Tok is being spread day by day on social media. Usually, it is reported and very popular in Indonesia. This challenge is viral among teenagers, the youth is addicted to attempting this challenge and becoming a point of attraction. What Is Angel of Death Tik-Tok Challenge?:

What Is Angel of Death Tik-Tok Challenge? Explained

This challenge is so simple, the interesting participants have to jump in front of the running Truck and have to wait for the break which will be done by the unknown driver. It is very risky and most probably who knows would you be alive or not.

The official team of Tik Tok is searching the place and account, from where it has been started. An account has been found by the concerned team with the name of @kabartangsel uploaded a video on Instagram on 26 March 2021. Unfortunately,  he committed the challenge and he did what the challenge is all about but as he jumped in front of the running track, the driver took a break but that was 2 seconds late that is why the truck crushed him and he died in the accident.

The video had 11,000 views at that time. Like this video, there are many videos that can be watched on the internet. Timothy Isaiah Hall who is from Florida, America has uploaded a video in which he was doing the same task and died while attempting the task. He was running an account as @TimboTheRedneck and in July 2021 passed away. He was only 18 years old and for being popular at short age he decided to participate in the Angel of Death and lost his life but the video which was shared by the account reached and crosse 2.5 million likes.

There are many names such as a 10-year girl Nyla, and Joshua Haileyesus who was 12 years old lost their precious life at a very short age while doing the same task which is in trending on Tik Tok. Hence many users are saying do aware of these kinds of viral scandals and try to understand there is no shortcut to being popular, follow only one Montra that work hard and has patience.

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