A recently viral song 16 Missed Calls has taken over different social media platforms. Everyone knows that social media is a very strong way to make anything viral in just a short period of time. Now, one of the biggest social media is TikTok where daily numerous trends appeared and entertain uncounted people.

What Is 16 Missed Calls Tiktok Song

By using this platform, many people become a very popular content creators and get earning as well. Now, the platform comes with another trend that hits the trending section and engages millions of people to watch the new videos on the trends.

What Is 16 Missed Calls Tiktok Song?

There are already many videos that went viral on social media and uncounted people create their own videos on the music. So far, the viewers are very curious to know about the ongoing music trend in which millions of people use 16 Missed Calls songs in their videos and amuse all the users of TikTok.

It is another trend that amusing uncounted people all over the world in which already several people created their videos and make them viral on TikTok. Everyone knows that TikTok is a very big platform where different users show their talent by creating a small video or entertaining everyone by uploading funny videos on the platform.

In the ongoing trend, many people show their different creativity. Most of the users on the platform, showing their creativity by creating new things, some motivate others, some try to teach to create 5 minutes craft, and many other topics are available on the platform.

16 Missed Calls Tiktok Song Trend Viral

As all of us know that TikTok has already faced lots of criticism but it is not right to criticize any platform because of some videos. There are many users who actually talented and showing their best to entertain everyone with their full spirit. Now, the song 16 Missed Calls getting very huge hype because many people using it in their videos on the platform.

Talking about the lyrics of the song, a part of the song has been getting viral on social media. The part of the song is “Come in like a thief in the night. Sixteen missed calls. Sorry, I was busy, but I missed you”.

Now, this line touches several users’ hearts and engages them to use it in their videos. Now, it is getting a very brilliant trend that almost every user on TikTok using once in their videos. We always explained about some genuine trends and stay connected for more updates like this.


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