What Happened To Tenzin Norbu? Dead or Alive? Arrested In Murder Case: Did you learn about a heinous criminal act that happened back in June in Toronto where a woman was set on fire by a man? Now we have got an update regarding the same. According to the latest report, the victim of the incident has passed away while the suspect has been taken into custody and charged with several felony charges. According to the source, a lady was set on fire by a man back on 17th June 2022. Who is the perpetrator and what is his name? According to the source, the man who killed a woman by setting her on fire on a Toronto bus is identified as Tenzin Norbu. We have mentioned further details in the forthcoming sections of this article. You are advised to stick with this article and must follow this note till the end. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com


What Happened To Tenzin Norbu?

Reportedly, that attack happened or was reported on Friday, 17th June 2022. It was a matter of 12:30 PM when a man wet down a woman with a flammable liquid onto a bus at Kipling Station on Dundas Street West and Kipling Avenue. Meanwhile, the woman sustained life-threatening burn injuries. However, she was taken to a hospital for emergency treatment or care but nothing came into use and the victim was declared dead. Shift to the next section for further updates.

Tenzin Norbu Dead or Alive?

This news was confirmed and affirmed by the sources and Toronto Police to CBC News. As per the source, the victim was taken to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre after the incident but she suffered severe burns on her body and later she succumbed to her injuries. Following the incident, the suspect was arrested and identified as Tenzin Norbu. Tenzin Norbu is said to be 33 years old man. Read below what police said about this heinous criminal act. Scroll down.

Why was Tenzin Norbu Arrested?

Reportedly, the Toronto Police remarked it was a hate-motivated attack. And the suspect has been detained and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, damage to public property worth $5000, and general sexual harassment endangering the safety and life of the public. Recently, CBC News reported that this case has been taken over by the Homicide Squad. The further proceedings will be done by Homicide Squad. A spokesperson for the Toronto Police named Alex Li said, “we know this and the homicide has been notified”. Stay tuned to this page for further development in this case.

We came to know about an incident that happened in Toronto a person named Tenzin Norbu and who is 33 years old Buddhist has been arrested for burning women on a public bus on Friday. This accident happened on Friday around 12:30 pm. According to the information given by the Police that the woman was abused by the man and he throw some liquid at her before firing. People are searching for this news and the citizens of Canada are angry and want justice for that woman if you are here to know about this whole incident we have written detailed information in this news.

What Happened In This Incident?

This incident took place on Friday around 12:30 pm. A 33-year-old Buddhist monk named Tenzin Norbu lit a woman on fire on a TTC bus in Toronto. The bus was at Kipling Avenue & Dundas street west. The man ran away after he burned the woman but the Police found him and now he is in custody the woman was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment but as per reports she was burned more than 80% and doctors can’t save her. The incidents like this are happening a lot that’s why TTC is asking for more officers at the bus stations.

Is Tenzin Norbu Arrested?

Yes, he was arrested by the police officers and is now under custody. As per details, he will appear in court on 20th June 2022 for this crime around 10 am at 2201 Finch Avenue West room number 206. He will be charged $5000 for damaging public property and attempting murder with a weapon and many others. A statement was released by the officers that the woman is now in the hospital and we prat she recovered soon but unfortunately, she can’t survive that pain & die.

If you want to see his face the pictures of him are available on Reddit after a person shared the video of the incident on social media. These types of incidents occurring in Canada and increasing day by day and Police officers are requested by the citizens to take care of the locations where these types of incidents are looking place. As per information, an incident occur a week before a man was standing at the bus station and a man came and stabbed a knife on his neck and killed him. People got terrified of who was presented there, furthermore, this culprit will get the punishment he deserves.


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