South African actor, Somizi Mhlongo is one of the most popular actors, media personalities, and television personalities across the world. He gained his popularity after appearing on the musical and political film, Sarafina!. Along with this, the actor became a lead choreographer for numerous shows and events including the opening and closing ceremonies for the FIFA World Cup and other big events. In recent days, the actor has become a topic on the Internet and many fans are speculating the rumors who is searching for him.

Somizi Mhlongo Dead or Alive

According to the sources, some of the sources are believing that the actor has lost his life. Yes, Mhlongo’s fans are searching about this tragic news which is speculating on social media. The actor appeared in a Living A Dream With Somizi, the multi-talented media personality set to tone for the first two episodes, now streaming on Showmax. Along with his death rumors, his marriage with Mohale has also become one of the trending topics on social media handles. Ending to the bad s3x of their partnership that they couldn’t resolve their issues after an argument to further claiming that Mohale is demanding 50% of the divorce settlement.

What Happened To Somizi Mhlongo?

According to the recent reports released on Sunday that Somizi and Mohale are not legally married. It was explained in the first episode of the Somizi reality shows, which aired earlier this month. Since the news started to appear on social media, their fans have been sharing their reaction to their marriage.

Even, some of their fans are making fun of their marriage as a Twitter user wrote,” Just when Mohale Motaung thought he secured the bag, only to find out that Somizi Mhlongo’s ancestors work over and made sure that he walks away with an empty bag”.

Is Somizi Mhlongo Dead or Still Alive? 

Some pictures are also circulating on social media in which, they both can be seen together holding each other’s hand in public places and even in several official events. Another tweet reads,” So Somizi was just referring to himself as Somizi Mhlongo Motaung feels, he did not change it at home affairs? Oksalayo they married”. If we talk about some other rumors that relate his death so, this is, unfortunately, a false rumor speculating on social media. Some of the fans are taking social media to know behind these rumors. Well, Somizi is alive and living his happy life.


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