Great personalities live longer even after their death. Today one such identity died and the news spread over all the internet. Ndoni Mcunu made her name and fame with the work she presented on climate change and environmental sustainability.

Her work on these important fields made her rise through the people’s hope on a large scale. But unfortunately she isn’t anymore. It is a sad news that we share with you of her demise. Read the article till the very end to know more.

Who was Ndoni Mcunu?

Ndoni Mcunu was around 31 years old and her exact birthday information isn’t available with us. She has completed her education in the field of humanities, climate change and environmental changes, and she even completed her PhD from Witwatersrand University in climate change and agriculture. She was also awarded with the honour of been named a Mandela Washington Fellow by the U.S. Department of State in 2017.

This was for her contribution to civic development in leadership. Her concern and attempt to make a non-profitable organization called Black Women in Science Organization has let her live the passion and vision that she worked hard for.

Ndoni Mcunu passed away

We have very less information on her personal life, but on June 28th 2020 she posted a video on her Instagram account under the name Ndoni Mcunu. We can find that she received a Zulu proposal in front of her parents from a boy she loved. We aren’t aware of his name yet, but sadly we share our deepest condolences with him for the loss that he is baring right now.

Ndoni Mcunu did receive a lot of recognition lately from esteemed journals and news channels such as BBC and Nature magazine on her demise.

Ndoni Mcunu Cause of Death

The cause of death of Ndoni Mcunu is yet to be revealed but we are hoping to get the information from trusted sources soon. Till then stay connected with us and enjoy reading more content on our website. Once again we share our deepest condolences with the family and friends of Ndoni Mcunu.

The users on the social media mourned on the death of the Ndoni and also paid tribute to her for her work. She was the known personality in her field who quickly achieved success and fame from the hard work.

Many big names also mentioned her name and paid tribute to her on the Twitter platform.


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